Free liver screening!

The European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL) is a medical association dedicated to promoting liver health and reducing the burden of liver disease around the continent.


From Tuesday, 4 June until Saturday, 8 June, EASL is opening the doors of the Congress to all who want their livers screened for free.

This screening is non-invasive, painless, and very quick. Taking only 10 minutes, anyone who is interested can find out how healthy their livers are and receive consultations about their results.

Controllo gratuito del fegato!

EASL é un’ associazione medica che promuove la salute del fegato e la riduzione dell’ impatto negativo delle malattie epatiche in Europa.

Da martedí 4 giugno fino a sabato 8 giugno, EASL durante il suo congresso annuale apre le porte a tutti coloro che vogliono controllare gratuitamente la funzione del loro fegato. Il controllo é tramite una semplice ecografia (non-invasiva, indolore, e molto veloce). In solo 10 minuti, si puo` scoprire la salute del proprio fegato e inoltre discutere i risultati con un professionista.

Come and get your liver screened! Venite per il controllo!

Opening hours / Orari

Tuesday, 4 June / Martedí 4 giugno : 12:00-18:00 

Wednesday, 5 June / Mercoledí 5 giugno: 9:00-18:00 

Thursday, 6 June / Giovedí 6 giugno: 9:00-18:00 

Friday, 7 June/ Venerdí 7 giugno: 9:00-18:00 

Saturday, 8 June/ Sabato 8 giugno : 9:00-16:00  

*Screenings are offered on a first come, first serve basis – no reservations needed.  

*Non occorre prenotazione per i controlli ecografici.  

Directions to MiCO Milan  

Enter from Gate 2 or Gate 16 and join us in the Welcome Area.  

School visit

The EASL team is visiting a school in Milan on 3 June with a host of local hepatologists. This initiative will include teaching young pupils the value of keeping the liver healthy and how to do so. The team will have an ultrasound demonstration to show the pupils where the liver is in the body and discuss how it functions. The pupils will then have the opportunity to draw posters of the liver and ask the hepatology experts questions.  

Milan School: Monday, 3 June – Scuola Secondaria Mauri   

EASL has partnered with University of Padova and Project Third Mission to deliver interactive liver health seminars across Italy in the weeks leading up to the congress. These sessions will be similarly designed to that which is being delivered in Milan and will be held in the following schools and cities.  

Palermo School: Vittorio Emanuele Orlando, Palermo  

Rome  School: Istituto Comprensivo Suor Celestina Donati  

Padua School: Scuola secondaria di I grado Giovanni Pascoli 

About Love Your Liver: Impact Projects

Value creation at EASL does not stop at its members, partners, and delegates. EASL is committed to providing a long lasting, positive impact on the lives of those who are connected to its events, as well as all the people living and working in the communities who host them.

Impact is not simply a word or an abstract concept at EASL. Impact is a tangible goal, an unceasing pursuit towards a better future for all Europeans.

Love Your Liver is designed to raise awareness for liver health, promote early detection and care, and build local professional capacities in the hepatology field.

This year, the EASL team, along with the Italian Association for the Study of the Liver, Fiera Milano, YesMilano, the University of Milan and the University of Padova, have joined forces to bring the famed EASL Love Your Liver impact projects to Milan. Over the last two years, EASL has visited two schools in two different cities and operated 3 different mobile screening clinics with great success. Going into EASL Congress 2024, EASL hopes to build on these experiences to expand the scope and impact of these two initiatives in June.


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