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Journalists, photographers, videographers and community educators who are either employees of or on assignment for a recognised print, radio, broadcast or online consumer, medical, community-based or liver disease-related service organization-sponsored media outlet are eligible to apply for complimentary media registration. Please note that for the purpose of media accreditation, the term, “community educator”, refers to anyone doing journalism for liver disease service organisations or other community-based media outlets. 


Please note that we cannot accept applications for media credentials from representatives of media outlets that are not directly involved in journalism. 


Communications support professionals attached to a recognised liver disease research, advocacy or policy organisation, whose work is directly related to supporting media coverage of presentations at EASL Congress 2024 are not considered media and must register as a regular delegate. Media accreditation for this category is not guaranteed but is granted on a case-by-case basis. 

How to register as press/media:

  • Login with your account (or create a new account),
  • Select Individual Registration
  • Register or book tickets for yourself
  • Participant type: Press
  • Follow the final steps, including submitting a proof of press/media status.

Press releases issued by EASL

EASL Congress: Combating liver disease collectively

EASL Congress: Revolutionary advances in liver disease research unveiled at EASL Congress 2024

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EASL Congress 2024 embargo policy

By submitting an abstract to the EASL Congress, you agree to abide by this embargo policy. The policy states that authors, presenters and/or their sponsors may not share data or key results from the abstract in any form (print, broadcast or online publication, media release or conference presentation) until this embargo is lifted. Authors, presenters and/or their sponsors may, however, publicise the fact that their abstract has been selected for inclusion in the congress programme before the abstract is officially released. In this context, they may publish the title of their abstract together with the names of the authors and institutions.


Embargos according to the category of submission

A detailed breakdown of the embargo policies for different types of abstracts is available below. All conference delegates, presenters, industry employees, sponsors, and media agree to respect this policy when submitting their abstracts or registering for the event.


A. Accepted abstracts selected for the following sessions may not be disclosed before the start of EASL Congress 2024 at 08:00 CET on Wednesday, 05 June 2024 (the opening day of the congress). Authors will be informed during the abstract notification process if their abstract has been selected for one of these sessions.

        • General Session I
        • General Session II
        • Late-breaker Session

B. EASL Congress Late-breaker abstracts (poster presentations only): Data from abstracts submitted during the late-breaker submission period and which have been selected for poster presentation may not be disclosed before the start of EASL Congress 2024 at 08:00 CET on Wednesday, 05 June 2024 (the opening day of the congress).


C. Accepted abstracts selected for the following sessions should not be disclosed before 08:00 CEST on Wednesday, 22 May 2024 (i.e. two weeks before the start of the congress).

        • Oral sessions (excluding General Session I, General Session II, Late-breaker Session)
        • Poster sessions 

Note: All pre-recorded presentations may not be disclosed before the start time of their presentation in the official programme. Posters, ePosters and ePoster videos may not be disclosed before 08:00 CEST on the first day of the event.


Embargo breaks

Examples of breaking the embargo include publishing data from the abstract in a journal or via a public outlet before the abstract is presented at the congress. Violation of the embargo policy above will be taken seriously. Individuals and/or sponsors who violate it may face sanctions relating to current and future abstract submissions, presentations, and visibility at EASL events. The EASL Governing Board is at liberty to ban attendance and/or retract data.


If you find out that data from an abstract you submitted to EASL Congress 2024 is scheduled for publication prior to the lifting of the embargo, please inform the EASL Congress 2024 team immediately at


Please direct any questions or concerns about the EASL Congress embargo policy for authors and presenters to the EASL Congress 2024 team at

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