An EASL Congress 2023 Impact Project

Impact Activities during the EASL Congress 2023

These activities are being rolled out under the unifying rallying call to action of


Gymnasium Drasche Strasse - School Visit

Raise awareness for liver health to empower young primary school pupils in Vienna to learn about the function of the liver and reduce stigma around liver diseases.
EASL is partnering with a local primary school and two local hepatologists to deliver an interactive session to pupils about liver health. The pupils will create liver artwork which will be showcased at the opening ceremony. 


Date – Monday, 19 June 2023
School – Gymnasium Drasche Strasse
Hepatologists –  Prof. Wolf Huber and Prof. Thomas Reiberger 

Town Hall

Showcase the LOVE YOUR LIVER projects, raise awareness for EASL Congress 2023, and bring attention to the local needs of the Viennese community in an exclusively German event.
EASL is announcing the arrival of EASL Congress 2023 and the launch of the impact projects by gathering several key speakers from medical, nursing, public health, and policy and education fields to lead a multi-stakeholder discussion promoting a shift in liver care management.
Date – Tuesday, 20 June 2023
Time – 15h30-18h30
Location – Billrothhaus (Frankgrasse 8, 1090 Wien)

Screening and Public Health Booth

Educate the public about keeping their liver healthy and demonstrate the importance of early detection through the promotion of liver screening. EASL is setting up a public health and screening station outside the Messe Wien venue and will invite delegates, staff, and members of the public to learn more about their livers and have their livers screened for free.
Date – Tuesday, 20 June 2023 Friday, 24 June 2023
Location  – Messe Wien  (Messepl. 1, 1021 Wien)
Screening and Public Health Booth – EASL has a dedicated 35sqm truck that will provide screening and free public health information to all who are interested
Partner Hepatos will provide screening and Hepatitis C testing

The story of EASL Impact projects

Value creation at EASL does not stop at its members, partners, and delegates. EASL is committed to providing a lasting, positive impact on the lives of those who are connected to our events, as well as all the people living and working in the communities who host them. EASL Impact Projects are designed to shift the perspective of medical congresses to models that are more sustainable, have a stronger focus on public health, and engage local people, policy makers, and the media.


Starting with the International Liver Congress (ILC) in London, UK in 2022, EASL launched its very first series of impact projects aimed at raising awareness for liver health, promoting early detection and screening, and attracting key talent to the field. In 2023, at the EASL Congress in Vienna, EASL intends to build upon and strengthen these projects to bring long-term positive change to the Viennese population, economy, and healthcare system.


Watch how EASL addressed liver health, prevention, and stigma more broadly with the public across Europe with these videos:

Liver Health Resources



Liver Health Infographic


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This event is organised by EASL. Be careful to avoid non-official websites that may appear as EASL partners!

This event is organised by EASL.
Be careful to avoid non-official websites that may appear as EASL partners!

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