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Good news, your abstract has been accepted! What's next? On this page find out all you need to know to get ready to present your research at EASL Congress 2023!

Accepted abstarcts will be presented either as:

An ePoster presentation


ePoster presentation information

ePoster templates

After acceptance of your abstract as an ePoster presentation our poster provider Poster session Online contact you by email providing you with a unique code to upload your ePoster in their system.

Select your favourite template and click to download it.

Using your own template is allowed as long as it follows the ePoster format rules below.

ePoster format rules

  • Microsoft Powerpoint (ppt) is the ideal format 
  • The PDF format is also accepted 
  • Landscape format is mandatory 
  • Dimensions 140cm wide x 90cm 
  • Font recommendations: Arial, Arial black, Calibri and regular text size no less than 28 for the body of the different sections 
  • We do allow QR codes linking to educational material only. We do not allow any promotional material.


  • To check that information displays correctly on the final version, zoom in 100% and check all images, pictures, and graphs. It is better to use high-quality images and graphs when creating your poster
  • Provide clear labels and headings for each section of your presentation to avoid confusion 
  • Don’t stretch the images manually or quality will be lost once zoomed in 
  • Poster presenters have the possibility to record a 5 min audio explaining their poster. The audio will be displayed along with the poster. 

About the ePoster presentation session

  • Each poster will be displayed on poster boards (paper) for one full day (Wednesday 21, Thursday 22, Friday 23 June, or Saturday 24 June). 
  • Please note that EASL will handle printing your paper poster, the delivery to the conference centre and the display on the poster board in the poster area. 
  • We strongly encourage poster presenters to stand by their posters during the morning and afternoon coffee breaks, for informal discussions.
  • However, it is mandatory to stand by your poster during the lunch break as there will be a poster walk where members of the faculty will come and discuss posters. 
  • All ePoster will be available the entire time of the event on the conference platform. 

ePoster presentation young investigator bursary

  • Should you have been awarded a bursary (registration, full or nurses), please make sure to check in at the poster helpdesk and sign the presence form on the day of your presentation. Not signing the form will result in the cancellation of the bursary. 

Oral presentation information

Oral presentation templates

Once your abstract has been accepted as an oral presentation, you will receive an email with instructions to upload your presentation.

Download the oral presentation template.

Using your own template is allowed as long as it follows the oral presentation format rules below.

Oral presentation format rules

  • You will have 15 min for your presentation (12-minute talk + 3 min Q&A) 
  • MS-PowerPoint 2013 or earlier versions (*.ppt and *.pptx) are mandatory 

  • Screen ratio 16:9

  • Make sure your slides are in a single file only (no multiple PowerPoints files will be accepted).

Note: If you are using PowerPoint 2007 or older versions please do not forget to upload all your video files as well, as they cannot be embedded into the presentation. 

Oral presentation conflict of interest disclosures

All presenters will have to complete a conflict of interest questionnaire at the time of the presentation upload which will be displayed as a mandatory slide at the beginning of the presentation. 

About the oral presentation session

  • Personal laptops cannot be connected to the lecture hall. 
  • You may send additional files at all times, make changes to files already sent, and download your files again from any computer you use. 
  • Once onsite you may check, change or upload your presentation at the Speaker Service Center at least 3 hours before the start of the session. Our staff, will take a final look at your material together with you and will help you to upload it. 

Speaker Service Center

The Speaker Service Center will be available every day throughout the event days for invited speakers and oral presenters. 

Oral presentation young investigator bursary

  • For oral presentation young investigator bursary awardees:  you do not need to check in as we keep note if you presented in your designated plenary. 
  • If you do not present your research, the young investigator bursary will be withdrawn.  

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This event is organised by EASL. Be careful to avoid non-official websites that may appear as EASL partners!

This event is organised by EASL.
Be careful to avoid non-official websites that may appear as EASL partners!

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